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town is a synonym of community

noun [ toun ]

town is another word for community

✅ A town is a populated area, usually smaller than a city, often with fixed boundaries and certain local powers of government (I grew up in a small town in New Jersey).

✅ You might call a town a community to emphasize  a sense of togetherness among the people who live in the same area (The firefighters work hard to serve our community).

✅ A community, however, does not necessarily have to share a locality. The word more often implies a shared identity, culture, or heritage (a community of scholars; the Muslim community).

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dispute is a synonym of argument

noun [ dih-spyoot ]

dispute is another word for argument

✅  Argument can mean a contentious disagreement or a debate. Either way, it involves a back-and-forth exchange of differing points of view (She had an ongoing argument with her father about the merits of Game of Thrones).

✅  Dispute more broadly refers to a conflict. If it does refer to an argument, it’s usually one that’s brief, heated, or undignified (He was always resolving property line disputes among his neighbors).

✅  While an argument is typically between two persons, a dispute can involve two or more parties (labor disputes; border disputes).

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consider is a synonym of study

verb [ kuhn-sid-er ]

consider is another word for study

✅ The verb study implies focusing your mind on something and thinking in a deep or methodical way to understand it (The scientist studied the phenomenon).

✅ To consider something is also to focus your mind on it, often to think it over in order to make a decision or to act (consider the possibilities; consider the factors).

✅ Consider is the best word when you are faced with options or are being relied upon for a decision (I will seriously consider my service provider options).

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