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friend is a synonym of acquaintance

noun [ frend ]

friend is another word for acquaintance


Acquaintance is the perfect word for a person with whom you have contact, but don’t know intimately (She considered him a casual acquaintance because she saw him each day at the café).

Friend implies a more intimate relationship than acquaintance, one in which you have warm affection for the other person (a trusted friend; a family friend), but friend does not necessarily imply shared activities or conditions like past Synonym of the Day companion.

✅ Friend contrasts with foe in literary writing (Friend or foe?) or even with its synonym acquaintance to distance oneself (He was merely an acquaintance, not a friend).

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result is a synonym of effect

noun [ ri-zuhlt ]

result is another word for effect


✅ Both result and effect refer to what's produced by an action or cause.

✅ Result is best when you want to capture the sum of effects as a final outcome (As a result of the meeting, they set a date for the community clean-up).

Effect is often used when there is a direct link to a cause (In my opinion, coffee's effects are all positive!).

✅ Still, both effect and result can suggest consequences that are far-removed or tangential (ripple effectslong-term results).

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novel is a synonym of fresh

adjective [ nov-uhl ]

novel is another word for fresh

Novel is the perfect word when something is new in an unusual or strikingly different way (The lab developed novel approaches to treat diseases).

✅ Both novel and fresh can refer to ideas or perspectives that are unexpected and generally pleasing (A video game with a thesaurus would be a novel idea).

❗️ You can call a novel novel, but don't mix up novel with the other senses of fresh that are used to describe vegetables or air!

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