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trouble is a synonym of pains

noun [ truhb-uhl ]

trouble is another word for pains

✅ Both taking pains and taking the trouble imply a watchfulness to do things right (take the trouble to write a lettertake pains to learn long division).

✅  To take pains suggests careful effort to pay attention to every small detail (They took pains to avoid saying the wrong thing).

✅  Use take the trouble when more activity and exertion are involved and sometimes more inconvenience (By holding one-on-one meetings, she actually took the trouble to get to know her employees).

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endure is a synonym of continue

verb [ en-door, -dyoor ]

endure is another word for continue

✅  Endure is best when someone or something continues persistently even in the face of difficulties (endure pain; endure hardships).

✅  Both endure and continue can be used when something exists without interruptions for a length of time.

✅  Endure reinforces the idea that there is an influence working against someone or something's existence, even if it is only time.

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assist is a synonym of aid

verb [ uh-sist ]

assist is another word for aid

Aid and assist are both more formal and less personal words than help and imply the furthering of another’s efforts (Please assist him with the paperwork; The tea aids in digestion).

Assist is better than aid when there is less need for help (assist clients; assist in planning).

Aid works best when an entity like a government is helping someone or providing support for an endeavor (aid the development of programs; aid the poor).

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