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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

synonym for stale


adjective [ hak-need ]

hackneyed is another word for stale

Something that is stale has lost freshness (a stale slice of bread) or has lost novelty or interest (a stale joke). That crusty old joke may also be described as hackneyed. Something that is hackneyed is commonplace or trite and worn out by overuse. This term is especially used of words, remarks, or styles of expression that are clichéd to the point of seeming lifeless and uninteresting. So synonym seekers beware: while it may be tempting to slather this adjective on a piece of stale bread, hackneyed simply doesn't make sense as a descriptor for brittle day-old baked goods!

Commonly found as

hackneyed phrase
In response to the reporter's earnest and important question, the lawyer muttered a hackneyed phrase: "It is what it is."
tired + hackneyed
Everyone saw her derogatory remarks about young people for what they were: tired and hackneyed stereotypes.

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Monday, December 27, 2021

synonym for give


verb [ doh-neyt, doh-neyt ]

donate is another word for give

The verb donate is more specific than give. You can give your payment information to a website or give advice to a friend, but the verb donate instantly suggests supporting a cause or offering help to those in need. To donate something is to present it as a gift, grant, or contribution. This generous verb can be used with or without an object (you can donate clothes or donate to the Red Cross), and is particular to American English.

Commonly found as

donate money
On Giving Tuesday, she donated a large sum of money to the local food bank.
donate or volunteer
The nonprofit put out a newsletter encouraging anyone interested in the cause to donate or volunteer, noting that both forms of help would go a long way.

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Sunday, December 26, 2021

synonym for grumpy


adjective [ kan-tang-ker-uhs ]

cantankerous is another word for grumpy

Every once in a while, we can all get a bit grumpy. When someone is grumpy on a regular basis or in a particularly argumentative way, they could be described as cantankerous. Cantankerous folks are disagreeable and often contentious. Being four syllables, cantankerous is a loftier-sounding word than grumpy, an expressive word akin to a grunt with origins in the phrase “humps and grumps.” Cantankerous, on the other hand, was probably formed from a Middle English word that meant “quarrel” or “contention.” A machine can be personified humorously as cantankerous if it does not operate smoothly, and similarly, so can an animal that displays opposition or irritableness.

Commonly found as

old + cantankerous
There was little surprise that it was the old, cantankerous shopkeeper who had complained about the parade. 
notoriously cantankerous
Llamas and mules, although good pack animals, are notoriously cantankerous companions.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar