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crucial is a synonym of important

adjective [ kroo-shuhl ]

crucial is another word for important

✅  Crucial is the perfect word when discussing an extremely important decision or turning point (crucial moment; crucial issue).

✅  Crucial is sometimes interchangeable with important in situations in which the stakes are not life-and-death (The title is crucial to the success of a book).

✅  While important is more general and often appears with intensifiers like terribly and vitally, crucial is more intense on its own.

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convivial is a synonym of fun

adjective [ kuhn-viv-ee-uhl ]

convivial is another word for fun

Something that is convivial is friendly and agreeable, or festive. Convivial is a warm and social term; it's most often used to talk about gatherings of people who are in high spirits and enjoying one another's company, often sharing in a meal or refreshments. Its gregarious nature makes sense given its origin: convivial comes from the Latin noun meaning "feast." When describing a person, convivial means "merry company, jovial." Convivial is good company any time of year, but given its appetite for feasting and gathering, it's no wonder we hear convivial a little more around the holidays!

Commonly found as

convivial atmosphere
Everyone was enjoying the convivial atmosphere, laughing, chatting, and eating to their hearts' content.
warm and convivial
The host was warm and convivial, and quickly made the guests feel welcome.

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nippy is a synonym of cold

adjective [ nip-ee ]

nippy is another word for cold

Cold describes anything or anyone with a relatively low temperature. People can feel cold on a brisk and breezy day. Beverages can be cold, too, which is usually a good thing! Nippy does not work for people or beverages; this snappy adjective is usually used to describe chilly weather. This term entered English describing things that nip or bite, giving us the association of a sharp or biting cold. Like a nippy dog, a nippy wind may snap at your nose or fingers!

Commonly found as

nippy air
The runners were invigorated by the nippy air on their morning run.
a bit nippy
If you are planning on going outside today, wear a scarf, since it is a bit nippy!

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