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novel is a synonym of fresh

adjective [ nov-uhl ]

novel is another word for fresh

Novel is the perfect word when something is new in an unusual or strikingly different way (The lab developed novel approaches to treat diseases).

✅ Both novel and fresh can refer to ideas or perspectives that are unexpected and generally pleasing (A video game with a thesaurus would be a novel idea).

❗️ You can call a novel novel, but don't mix up novel with the other senses of fresh that are used to describe vegetables or air!

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similar is a synonym of same

adjective [ sim-uh-ler ]

similar is another word for same

✅  Although same and similar indicate a likeness between two or more things, they are not equivalent!

✅  Same means identical (She always did the exact same thing I did).

✅  Similar, though, is better when you want to describe two things as having certain but not all qualities in common (Their writing styles were very similar, but his was more descriptive than hers).

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motive is a synonym of cause

noun [ moh-tiv ]

motive is another word for cause


Cause and motive refer to the reason for an action (Her graduation was a cause for celebration; Profit was their only motive).

✅ Motive is the perfect word when you want to highlight the desire or incentive which moves a person to act and produce specific results (His motives for meeting with school administrators were purely political).

✅ Motive (commonly found with the adjectives ulterior and selfish) is often more sinister than cause, and is used in legal proceedings to mean the motivation for committing a crime.

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