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require is a synonym of need

verb [ ri-kwahyuhr ]

require is another word for need

Need is best when you want to stress the necessity of what is lacking (She needed an operation; He needed help). It’s also often used as an exaggerated version of want (I really need a fourth pair of sunglasses). 

✅ Use require in more formal or serious contexts, especially when something is absolutely necessary, as in He may require medical care.

✅ When you simply need or want something, it sounds overly formal or even rude to use require, as in I require ketchup. Still, it might be intentionally used in this way to be funny. 

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smaller is a synonym of less

adjective [ smawl-er ]

smaller is another word for less


Less is typically used in comparisons of amounts that are not countable (Walking requires less energy than running).

Smaller is the perfect comparative adjective when referring to something limited in size that is also concrete (They moved to a smaller house; In Europe, they drive smaller cars).

➕ To really emphasize how much something continues to be smaller than it previously was, you may say it keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

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state is a synonym of condition

noun [ steyt ]

state is another word for condition


✅  Condition and state are terms for existing situations or surroundings.

✅  State is the more general and neutral word (state of affairs; current state) and is often modified by more exciting adjectives like blissful or parlous.

✅  Condition implies a relationship to causes and circumstances (Due to deteriorating weather conditions, they chose to stay another night at the hotel).

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