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wisdom is a synonym of information

noun [ wiz-duhm ]

wisdom is another word for information

✅  Information is a common, general word that refers to knowledge or just data (For more information, please go to the city’s environmental planning website).

✅  Wisdom is knowledge on another level. It is deep-seated knowledge gained over time and synthesized together, often used to produce insight and sound judgment (Her grandfather would share words of wisdom with her before major events in her life).

✅  The main difference between these nouns is the often unorganized and random nature of information (When buying a car, it’s hard to process all the information) that contrasts with the cohesive, time-worn, and transcendent nature of wisdom (Conventional wisdom dictates that spending time outside is good for your body, mind, and soul!).

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earnest is a synonym of serious

adjective [ ur-nist ]

earnest is another word for serious

✅ Being serious implies having depth and a soberness of attitude (He wanted to be a serious artist).

Earnest is the best word when there is a purpose you are pursuing in a levelheaded and sincere manner (My neighbors have made an earnest effort to compost).

✅ Unlike earnest, sometimes serious can be used informally to mean something is intense or extreme in a good way (He earned some serious cash).

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town is a synonym of community

noun [ toun ]

town is another word for community

✅ A town is a populated area, usually smaller than a city, often with fixed boundaries and certain local powers of government (I grew up in a small town in New Jersey).

✅ You might call a town a community to emphasize  a sense of togetherness among the people who live in the same area (The firefighters work hard to serve our community).

✅ A community, however, does not necessarily have to share a locality. The word more often implies a shared identity, culture, or heritage (a community of scholars; the Muslim community).

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