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narrate is a synonym of describe

verb [ nar-eyt, na-reyt ]

narrate is another word for describe

✅  To describe is to provide specific details about the appearance, nature, or attributes of someone or something (She described the scene in great detail).

✅  Narrate can mean to describe an event, usually by giving an account of it in chronological order (The journalist narrated the incident that took place at the saloon).

✅   Narrate is also used in a much more specific way meaning to perform spoken, offscreen commentary for a film or program (George Takei narrates the documentary). 

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yearning is a synonym of craving

noun [ yur-ning ]

yearning is another word for craving

✅  Craving and yearning express feelings of wanting to attain or possess something.

✅  Craving is best when you have a deep or pressing desire for something, often based on a sense of need or physical hunger (a craving for sugar; insatiable cravings).

✅  Yearning is often more spiritual, suggesting a persistent, uneasy and often tender longing (He had a wistful yearning for a calm day amidst the flurry of his life).

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scheme is a synonym of design

noun [ skeem ]

scheme is another word for design

✅  A design and a scheme are both methods that have been formulated for doing something.

✅  Design is best when you wish to suggest art, dexterity, or even trickery in the carrying out of a plan. Design especially emphasizes the purpose of the plan (The humiliation of the soda company’s competition was not by accident, but by design).

✅  Scheme often refers to an off-the-wall, impracticable, or even devious plan (She and her friends hatched a dastardly scheme to impersonate the queen and her consorts).

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