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swift is a synonym of fast

adjective [ swift ]

swift is another word for fast

✅  Swift and fast are both words that describe quick, speedy movement.

✅  Swift can imply that something is happening immediately, or is happening smoothly without any delays. It can also be a more formal, often literary word (the swiftest horse in all the realm).

✅  Fast can also be used to describe wit or intelligence (She has a fast mind). However, it’s most common to use quick in that context.

✅  You wouldn’t normally use swift to describe wit, but it can be used to describe decision-making, or a thought process (The response was swift).

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harangue is a synonym of speech

noun [ huh-rang ]

harangue is another word for speech

✅  A speech and a harangue are both words that describe someone talking to an audience. However, you don’t want to mix them up.

✅  A speech is any kind of address given to an audience by a speaker (My sister gave a speech at my wedding), and it can be any length or tone.

✅  On the other hand, a harangue is usually a long and intense verbal attack (The harangue was vulgar and intimidating, as it was intended to be).

✅  Harangue can also refer to a public speech that’s overly long or boring, but in any case it’s almost always used as a negative word.

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educate is a synonym of teach

verb [ ej-oo-keyt ]

educate is another word for teach

✅  Teach can be used in a variety of circumstances, and is never a bad choice for describing imparting information or understanding to someone (My dad wanted to teach me how to garden; I decided to teach myself guitar).

✅  In the context of formal, general instruction, the more formal verb educate may be more appropriate.

✅  Educate most often implies in-depth, long-term teaching about a particular topic or a range of topics (It's important how we educate children).

✅  Educate can imply a formal or structured attempt to teach something, whereas teach can apply to all kinds of different ways of teaching, even situations in which the lesson learned is different than the one being taught (She thought she was teaching me math, but she was actually teaching me to be a good person).

Teach yourself even more with these synonyms for educate!

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