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educate is a synonym of teach

verb [ ej-oo-keyt ]

educate is another word for teach

✅  Teach can be used in a variety of circumstances, and is never a bad choice for describing imparting information or understanding to someone (My dad wanted to teach me how to garden; I decided to teach myself guitar).

✅  In the context of formal, general instruction, the more formal verb educate may be more appropriate.

✅  Educate most often implies in-depth, long-term teaching about a particular topic or a range of topics (It's important how we educate children).

✅  Educate can imply a formal or structured attempt to teach something, whereas teach can apply to all kinds of different ways of teaching, even situations in which the lesson learned is different than the one being taught (She thought she was teaching me math, but she was actually teaching me to be a good person).

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accomplish is a synonym of do

verb [ uh-kom-plish ]

accomplish is another word for do

✅  Accomplish is the perfect word to use when the thing you’ve done was important or difficult.

✅  Accomplish is similar to succeed, but it simply means that something is finished, that you’ve reached your goal, and it wasn’t easy (We’ll have succeeded if we simply accomplish our mission).

✅  It’s better to use do instead of accomplish when the thing you’re trying to perform or complete is pretty easy, or when you’re not trying to finish it off (She wanted him to sign the letter—is he doing it?).

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exalt is a synonym of elevate

verb [ ig-zawlt ]

exalt is another word for elevate

✅  Elevate and exalt both mean to raise someone or something to a higher position or rank.

✅  Exalt is a more specific and intense word than elevate, and suggests that someone is being given a more powerful position, a higher position, or a position that reflects their good qualities (The king was exalted above his subjects).

✅  Exalt and elevate can also mean to praise someone, but exalt focuses on the person or thing’s good qualities more than elevate (The artist exalts the duke's virtues in the painting).

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