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exalt is a synonym of elevate

verb [ ig-zawlt ]

exalt is another word for elevate

✅  Elevate and exalt both mean to raise someone or something to a higher position or rank.

✅  Exalt is a more specific and intense word than elevate, and suggests that someone is being given a more powerful position, a higher position, or a position that reflects their good qualities (The king was exalted above his subjects).

✅  Exalt and elevate can also mean to praise someone, but exalt focuses on the person or thing’s good qualities more than elevate (The artist exalts the duke's virtues in the painting).

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agony is a synonym of pain

noun [ ag-uh-nee ]

agony is another word for pain

✅  Agony is a more intense word than pain. It’s the perfect word to use when the physical or mental suffering you’re feeling is particularly extreme, it goes on for a long time, or both (I experienced the agony of a compound fracture; the agony of heartbreak)

✅  Pain is a more common, everyday word. Agony, when used in everyday speech, can be seen as dramatic (I was in agony after I stubbed my toe)

✅  Sometimes agony is also used as a synonym for struggle, especially in the context of a difficult decision (I was in agony over the decision to move out).

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inducement is a synonym of incentive

noun [ in-doos-muhnt, -dyoos- ]

inducement is another word for incentive

✅  Incentive and inducement both refer to things that can motivate people. An incentive is often a kind of reward that’s offered in return for doing something. (I was promised a chocolate cake as an incentive to go to my grandmother’s house).

✅  Inducement is similar but even stronger, and usually suggests that someone is being convinced to do something rather than being motivated. (He received a pay raise as an inducement for accepting longer hours at work).

✅  An inducement can be a bit sinister sometimes. The word is usually used to imply that someone is being convinced to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do. (They knew their inducement would make him sign the contract).

✅  While you can use the two words interchangeably, it’s best to use incentive when someone is being encouraged to do something, and use inducement when the persuasion is more forceful.

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