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aspect is a synonym of appearance

noun [ as-pekt ]

aspect is another word for appearance

✅  Appearance refers to how something looks in general (The house had a shabby appearance), whereas aspect is the perfect word to use when the way something looks makes you feel specific emotions (The house had a comforting aspect).

✅  Aspect is often used when a specific circumstance has changed the appearance of something in some way (His face, which usually had a handsome appearance, took on a terrifying aspect when he was angry).

✅  Appearance is the best word to use when you simply want to describe how something looks; but that doesn’t mean it necessarily reflects the truth of the situation (While the jacket had an expensive appearance, it was actually cheap).

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affect is a synonym of pretend

verb [ uh-fekt ]

affect is another word for pretend

✅  Pretend and affect both refer to creating a false appearance.

✅  Pretend can be playful and less formal, and means to play a certain part, or portray a characteristic that isn’t real (She pretended to be sick), while affect is more purposeful, and means to create the appearance of certain qualities so that you can impress other people (He affected respect).

✅  Affect can also mean to adopt something in a conscious way (She affected a British accent). While this is a kind of pretense, and is part of how a person wants to present themselves, it’s usually more long-term than pretending something.

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originate is a synonym of invent

verb [ uh-rij-uh-neyt ]

originate is another word for invent

✅  Invent is the perfect word to describe creating a new ‘thing’, like a new machine or a new dish (She invented a new device for opening cans).

✅  Originate works best to refer to starting something new, like a new method or role (He originated a new way of using the can-opener).

✅  In casual speech, people often use invent synonymously with originate (They invented a new variation on poker), but it’s better to use originate when you’re referring to things that other people can expand on and develop, like ideas and concepts (The council’s presentation originated new ideas from the public about the potential uses of the community center space).

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