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inquire is a synonym of ask

verb [ in-kwahyuhr ]

inquire is another word for ask

✅  Ask and inquire are both commonly used in the context of posing a question.

✅  Inquire is the more formal of the two (May I inquire about the price?). Ask is more general—it can also be used to request things (I asked for a glass of water).

  Inquire often implies you’re asking about something specific, or asking with a specific motivation or intent. It’s usually followed with the words after, into, or about (I’m calling to inquire about the position).

Ask yourself whether you know any other synonyms for inquire.

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precise is a synonym of accurate

adjective [ pri-sahys ]

precise is another word for accurate

✅  Accurate is the best word to use when something is true, factual, or conforms to the spirit of something (accurate work; accurate statement; accurate portrayal).

✅  Precise is similar, but is used to convey specificity and detail (precise number; precise wording).

✅  You can be accurate without taking special care, but being precise depends on being very careful (It was an accurate representation; She gave me precise details).

Be accurate with your word choice with these precise synonyms.

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boorish is a synonym of rude

adjective [ boor-ish ]

boorish is another word for rude

✅  Boorish is the best word to use when describing someone who doesn’t pay attention to other people’s feelings (She had a boorish manner).

✅  Rude is more general, suggesting that someone is impolite or has bad manners (rude behavior).

✅  Boorish often describes a more purposeful rudeness, or even a personality (his boorish cousin).

✅  While rude can describe someone’s general personality, it more often describes someone’s attitude or behavior in an individual social interaction, which may be unintentional (It was a well-intentioned comment, but it sounded rude).

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