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secure is a synonym of safe

adjective [ si-kyoor ]

secure is another word for safe

✅  Safe is the best word to use when a person or thing is out of danger (safe haven; They’re safe now).

✅  Secure is often used to emphasize something is protected or firmly established (Her future was secure).

✅  Safe and secure are often used interchangeably. They can also be used together, which intensifies the meaning (He felt safe and secure).

✅  When used in the negative, safe and secure both suggest that something is dangerous (The building wasn’t safe; The rope wasn’t secure).

Be secure in your knowledge with these synonyms for safe.

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disparity is a synonym of difference

noun [ dih-spar-i-tee ]

disparity is another word for difference

✅  Disparity is the best word to use when there is a lack of similarity or equality (economic disparity).

✅  Difference is more basic—it's used in the context of two or more things that are unalike or dissimilar in one or more ways (a difference of opinion).

  Difference can be used in many circumstances; it’s more neutral than disparity (There was no significant difference between them; a difference of three feet).

✅  Using disparity can imply that there’s some central inequality or lack of commonality that may be concerning (They're working to reduce health care disparities).

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contrive is a synonym of prepare

verb [ kuhn-trahyv ]

contrive is another word for prepare

✅  Prepare is the perfect word to use in the context of getting something ready (prepare the room for the guests).

✅  Contrive is the best word to use when you want to emphasize the ingenuity involved in planning or making something happen (contrive a way to get what you want).

  Contrive also can imply a level of cleverness or shrewdness that seems like trickery, and it can suggest dishonesty or manipulation.

✅  Prepare and contrive are often used in pretty different circumstances, but you can both prepare and contrive things like plans (prepare the students' plan of study; she contrived an escape plan).

Prepare yourself for these contrive synonyms.

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