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sentiment is a synonym of feeling

noun [ sen-tuh-muhnt ]

sentiment is another word for feeling

✅  Sentiment often refers to a mixture of thought and emotion, especially tender or fond ones (a noble sentiment; the sentiment of gratitude).

✅  Feeling is more general, referring to a subjective point of view or to specific sensations (a gut feeling; feelings of frustration).

⚠️  Be careful—sentiment can also mean opinion, or attitude toward something (public sentiment; consumer sentiment).

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await is a synonym of anticipate

verb [ uh-weyt ]

await is another word for anticipate

✅  Anticipate means looking forward to something (The dog anticipated their homecoming) or preparing for something (He always anticipates his children’s needs).

✅  Anticipate can also mean to foresee or be sure of something happening (I anticipated bad weather).

✅  Await refers to waiting for something or looking forward to it (await a reply), but emphasizes being ready for what’s coming, whether it is good or bad (I anxiously awaited the results).

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toil is a synonym of work

noun [ toil ]

toil is another word for work

✅  Work and toil both refer to mental or physical exertion.

✅  Work is the more general word, and can even refer to labor that is easy or enjoyable (She put in good work; He was immersed in his work).

✅  Toil implies that the task is exhausting and often boring or tedious (endless toil).

✅  It’s better to use toil instead of work when you want to emphasize the exhaustion or monotony of the labor (a lifetime of toil).

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