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because is a synonym of since

conjunction [ bih-kawz, -koz, -kuhz ]

because is another word for since

✅  Technically, both since and because mean the same thing. However, they imply a different kind of causality.

✅  Because suggests a reason for something happening (I ate the birthday cake because I was hungry), implying that something is a direct consequence of something else.

✅  Since shows a circumstantial connection between something and its consequence (Since I was hungry, I ate). Since implies a slightly weaker link, where the focus is on the main statement rather than the reason for that statement happening (Since it was late, I decided not to go).

✅  Since and because along with their synonym as are often used interchangeably in academic writing. In this context, since and as can sound more formal than because.

Since you’re here to learn, you might as well check out these synonyms for because!

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join is a synonym of connect

verb [ join ]

join is another word for connect

✅  Join means to attach something closely to something else, usually so the two things are touching (Join the two ends together). Join often implies that the two things joined together can now be treated as one thing (Join the two clauses together into a sentence).

✅  Connect often means to attach something else through a third element like a link, tie, or wire (Connect the batteries). Connect implies that the two things are still distinct, even though they’re attached (Connect the dots).

✅  These implications are often present in metaphorical uses of these words, too. Join can imply two persons have united (The officiant joined them in matrimony), whereas connect implies forming a social or romantic attachment that isn’t quite as close (She connected with a colleague).

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asinine is a synonym of foolish

adjective [ as-uh-nahyn ]

asinine is another word for foolish

✅  Foolish and asinine both describe making yourself look silly, especially through comments that lack common sense, good judgment, or wit. This is generally more harmless than being rude or boorish (He can be a bit foolish; Their commentary was asinine).

✅  Foolish is the best word to describe a lack of common sense (a foolish decision). Asinine is the best word to describe things like witless comments or a lack of social graces (a foolish decision).

⚠️  Foolish can be used in a way that implies judging a person’s intelligence, similar to words like dull or dimwitted. You’ll want to avoid this usage, as it can be cruel or insulting.

These synonyms for asinine will keep you from looking foolish!

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