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status is a synonym of state

noun [ stey-tuhs, stat-uhs ]

status is another word for state

State and status both refer to a current situation, circumstances, or surroundings (the state of affairs; the status of the rockets).

State is a more general word, though, referring to the general condition of something (The state of diplomatic relations).

Status often has legal or official implications, and is used to describe a complete set of circumstances for the purpose of sharing information (socioeconomic status; marital status).

Status also can reference an update in the progress of someone or something (We were texted updates on the status of our delivery).

Understand the state of your vocabulary with these synonyms for status.

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prevalent is a synonym of prevailing

adjective [ prev-uh-luhnt ]

prevalent is another word for prevailing

Prevailing is the best word to describe something that has ‘won’ or superceded other similar things in becoming current and common (the prevailing mood; the prevailing opinion).

Prevalent is the best word to describe something that has spread widely and is now current and common (Coffee shops are prevalent).

✅ Something that is prevailing might have become, or might be becoming, prevalent. However, prevailing implies an element of competition that isn’t present in prevalent (The prevailing political system throughout U.S. history has been the two-party system).

Prevalent deemphasizes the element of competition, or suggests that competition was in the past (High-waisted jeans are now prevalent).

Try using prevalent in a paragraph describing current trends, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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attitude is a synonym of position

noun [ at-i-tood, -tyood ]

attitude is another word for position

Attitude and position both frequently refer to opinions.

Attitude refers to a way of approaching a topic (a carefree attitude; an open-minded attitude).

Position implies having a particular opinion on something, especially one that is political in some way (Our position is that the project should go ahead).

Position and attitude sometimes refer to the way you hold your body. Position is more general (a standing position), whereas attitude means holding your body in a pose that expresses a certain emotion or action (a threatening attitude).

It’s our position that everyone should take a look at these synonyms for attitude.

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