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intimate is a synonym of hint

verb [ in-tuh-meyt ]

intimate is another word for hint

Hint means to express an idea indirectly, but intelligibly (He kept hinting about what he wanted for his birthday).

Intimate means to indicate something in a barely perceptible way (She intimated with her eyebrows that the seller was lying).

✅ Unlike to hint, to intimate something is always subtle and is usually given in order to influence a course of action (I intimated that it would be better to see a movie than go skating).

✅ You would usually use intimate in serious contexts, and it can sound formal. Hint is more general (He hinted that he liked flowers; He intimated that he was willing to take bribes).

We’ll more than hint that you should check out these synonyms for intimate.

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feeble is a synonym of weak

adjective [ fee-buhl ]

feeble is another word for weak

Weak and feeble both describe a lack of strength with weak as the more general and neutral word (The flu left him feeling weak).

Feeble implies that someone is inferior, or lacks the ability or desire to do things above and beyond being too physically weak (It didn’t surprise me he stayed inside while we played in the snow—he had always been a feeble person).

Weak and feeble can be used interchangeably in many circumstances. Feeble often connotes an inadequate attempt at something, when someone’s abilities should allow them to do better (It was a feeble attempt at sympathy; The essay was weak).

Weak and feeble can also both be used to describe someone’s mental ability or faculties. When used in this way, both words have a judgmental or cruel implication.

Make your vocabulary strong with these synonyms for feeble.

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heighten is a synonym of enhance

verb [ hahyt-n ]

heighten is another word for enhance

Enhance means to increase the desirability of something (The new flowers enhanced the beauty of the garden).

Heighten means to increase the strength, power, or intensity of something, especially intangible things (The artist used texture to heighten the contrast between the dark buildings and the bright landscape beyond).

✅ It’s better to use heighten instead of enhance when capturing an increase of intensity or strength, especially one to do with the senses or emotions (My sense of smell was heightened; There was a heightened sense of tension).

Enhance is often used in photography and similar contexts to mean improving the quality of an image or video. It can also be used for a sensory improvement, especially one made through the aid of technology (We used software to enhance the sound quality).

Enhance your understanding with these synonyms for heighten.

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