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intrinsic is a synonym of inherent

adjective [ in-trin-sik, -zik ]

intrinsic is another word for inherent

Inherent is the best word to describe an inborn and permanent quality of something or someone (She had an inherent happiness).

Intrinsic is the best word to describe a quality held internally, by virtue of a person or a thing’s nature, that can’t be affected by outside forces (the intrinsic value of gold).

Inherent and intrinsic have a lot of overlap in meaning. Both describe characteristics or qualities that can’t be taken away without changing the fundamental nature of something (The value inherent in everyone; the intrinsic beauty of the landscape).

✅ However, inherent emphasizes that a characteristic is present from the beginning (All the financial plans had inherent problems), whereas intrinsic emphasizes that a characteristic can’t be altered by anything external (We all have intrinsic worth).

Try using intrinsic in a paragraph describing what you value!

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proffer is a synonym of offer

verb [ prof-er ]

proffer is another word for offer

✅  To offer means to present something to be accepted or rejected. It can be something physical or intangible (She offered them help; He offered her his watch).

✅  Proffer means the same but it is more formal and literary (He proffered the crown).

✅  Offer is a general word you can use in all kinds of circumstances. Proffer is used almost exclusively in formal contexts, and you won’t see it as often (I offered him some lemonade; We proffer legal assistance).

We’d like to offer you these synonyms for proffer!

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attribute is a synonym of quality

noun [ a-truh-byoot ]

attribute is another word for quality

Attribute is the best word for an innate characteristic, or characteristics that are fundamental to the person or thing (Gentleness was one of his attributes; The fabric’s attributes included lightness and breathability).

Quality can refer to innate or acquired characteristics (Her speech had a sad quality; the chemical quality of vinegar).

✅ You can gain certain qualities over time, by choice, or through circumstances. Attribute implies that you’ve always had a certain quality.

Make a learning vocabulary one of your best qualities with these synonyms for attribute.

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