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order is a synonym of direct

verb [ awr-der ]

order is another word for direct

Direct is the best word to refer to giving instructions, explanations, or advice (Take this medicine as directed by a physician).

Order is the best word to use to suggest that instructions are being given by a person in a position of authority and carry more force (The captain ordered them to leave immediately).

✅ While direct and order can mean the same thing, direct emphasizes getting something done, where order emphasizes authority and hierarchy (She directed me to fix the radio; We were ordered to fix it).

Order implies that someone might get in trouble if they don’t follow instructions (She was always ordering her little sister around).

Let us direct you to take a look at these synonyms for order.

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achieve is a synonym of accomplish

verb [ uh-cheev ]

achieve is another word for accomplish

Accomplish means to reach a goal through perseverance, effort, or skill (I accomplished quite a bit in my first year as assistant coach).

Achieve means to accomplish something particularly important or great (I achieved the rank of associate professor).

Accomplish and achieve both describe finishing what you set out to do. They especially refer to large or long-running projects that require skill or effort to complete (We accomplished our career goals; She achieved victory over her to-do list).

Accomplish centers the amount of skill it took to finish the project. Achieve centers the positives gained with finishing the project.

Try using achieve in a paragraph defining your goals for the future!

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intrinsic is a synonym of inherent

adjective [ in-trin-sik, -zik ]

intrinsic is another word for inherent

Inherent is the best word to describe an inborn and permanent quality of something or someone (She had an inherent happiness).

Intrinsic is the best word to describe a quality held internally, by virtue of a person or a thing’s nature, that can’t be affected by outside forces (the intrinsic value of gold).

Inherent and intrinsic have a lot of overlap in meaning. Both describe characteristics or qualities that can’t be taken away without changing the fundamental nature of something (The value inherent in everyone; the intrinsic beauty of the landscape).

✅ However, inherent emphasizes that a characteristic is present from the beginning (All the financial plans had inherent problems), whereas intrinsic emphasizes that a characteristic can’t be altered by anything external (We all have intrinsic worth).

Try using intrinsic in a paragraph describing what you value!

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