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humiliate is a synonym of humble

verb [ hyoo-mil-ee-eyt ]

humiliate is another word for humble

✅  Humble means to lower someone’s pride, or make them less arrogant (His defeat humbled him).

✅  Humiliate means to make someone feel completely worthless or inadequate in a painful way (The boss humiliated them).

✅  Humiliate usually implies treating someone cruelly (We humiliated the emperor in battle), while humble just means bringing someone down a peg, or encouraging them to be less arrogant (Seeing the number of errors in his work humbled him).

Try using humiliate in a paragraph about a sports event with the help of Grammar Coach.

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bizarre is a synonym of weird

adjective [ bih-zahr ]

bizarre is another word for weird

✅  Weird is the best word to describe something mysterious, uncanny or supernatural (a weird glow in the sky).

✅  Bizarre is the best word to describe something very strange, especially when it’s also whimsical (bizarre costumes).

✅  Both adjectives are also used to mean out of the ordinary. In this sense, bizarre is a more intense word than weird (a weird coincidence; a truly bizarre turn of events).

✅  Weird is more commonly used to describe a person than bizarre. Bizarre usually describes someone’s behavior, manner, or dress, rather than their personality (My friend is a bit weird; Her ideas were bizarre).

How strange do you think these synonyms for bizarre can get?

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escape is a synonym of avoid

verb [ ih-skeyp ]

escape is another word for avoid

✅  Avoid means to keep away from something or someone, through skill, planning, or luck (avoid the water).

✅  Escape is the best word to refer to getting out of an often dangerous situation (escape the clutches of smoking).

✅  Escape can sometimes be used synonymously with avoid, especially when the possibility of a situation coming to pass feels dangerous in itself (I escaped having to talk to the host; I avoided giving a presentation).

✅  Avoid implies that you never entered a particular situation. Escape often implies that you entered and may have been harmed in the situation, but that the harm wasn’t as bad as it could have been (I escaped the dragon’s lair with only a singed mustache).

Describe a dangerous scene from which someone escaped with the help of Grammar Coach.

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