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content is a synonym of satisfy

verb [ kuhn-tent ]

content is another word for satisfy

✅  Satisfy refers to completely fulfilling your wants or desires (The food satisfied her).

✅  Content refers to fulfilling your desires just enough so that you don’t feel the need to complain (The softness of the pillow contented him).

✅  Satisfy suggests greater happiness and gratification as an outcome than content (Their responses satisfied the interviewer, who had no further questions).

✅  Content can also be used as an instruction, essentially meaning to try and be happy with what you have (Content yourself with a light lunch).

Satisfy your desire to learn with these synonyms for content.

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reverse is a synonym of opposite

adjective [ ri-vurs ]

reverse is another word for opposite

✅  Opposite is the best word to describe two things which are contrary or different, often in placement or character (the opposite side of the room; They reached opposite conclusions).

✅  Reverse is the best word to describe something that starts in one direction or position, and then faces or moves in the opposite direction (reverse course; reverse trend).

✅  Opposite and reverse are sometimes used interchangeably when describing something with two sides (the opposite side of the coin; the reverse side of the paper).

✅  Reverse and opposite are also sometimes used interchangeably to describe opposing statements (the opposite is also true; I think it’s the reverse of what you said).

Do the opposite of what we’re about to say: ignore these synonyms for reverse!

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exhausted is a synonym of tired

adjective [ ig-zaws-tid ]

exhausted is another word for tired

✅  Tired is a common word to describe a state of having used up most of your energy (The dog was tired from playing all day).

✅  Exhausted is more intense than tired and describes having no energy left at all (She felt exhausted after moving the furniture). Often, it implies that you’ve done something requiring a lot of effort (We were all exhausted after the climb).

✅  Tired and exhausted can also both refer to low emotional energy, or describe a lack of sleep (Job stress left him exhausted; I woke up still tired).

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