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apt is a synonym of relevant

adjective [ apt ]

apt is another word for relevant

✅  Relevant is the best word to describe something directly related or important to a topic under discussion (a relevant addition; relevant to her interests).

✅  Apt is the best word to describe something appropriate to the topic, especially something that cuts to the heart of the issue, or something insightful in its suitability to the occasion (an apt observation; an apt metaphor).

✅  While an apt statement or comment is also usually relevant, apt has a more specific, timely meaning (His reply was particularly apt).

✅  Apt isn’t used as often, and it can sometimes seem formal.

We think you’ll find these synonyms for apt particularly relevant!

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dogged is a synonym of persistent

adjective [ daw-gid, dog-id ]

dogged is another word for persistent

✅  Persistent is the best word to describe being resolute, or doing something in a resolute way, and often suggests perseverance in the face of distractions (A persistent desire to help; a persistent salesperson).

✅  Dogged is the best word to use to describe being stubborn and determined, or doing something in a stubborn and focused way, and not being discouraged by setbacks of any kind (She was dogged in her pursuit of justice).

✅  While persistent and dogged describe pretty similar traits, they have slightly different implications. Persistent often describes a focused and determined approach to a task, whereas dogged implies a sometimes overly stubborn, sometimes grim devotion to a task or cause (The reporter was their most dogged critic).

We know we’re persistent—why don’t you look at these dogged synonyms?

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wound is a synonym of injury

noun [ woond ]

wound is another word for injury

✅  Injury is the best word to refer to an impairment, hurt, loss, or other damage, which can be physical, emotional, or social (injury to his head; injury to their reputation).

✅  Wound is the best word for an injury caused by external violent actions (a deep chest wound). Wound can also refer to an emotional hurt that feels as strong as a physical hurt (Her rejection caused a deep wound).

✅  Injury can be used to describe the same kind of damage as wound, that is, something that breaks the skin. However, injury covers a wider range of damage (internal injury; shoulder injury).

✅  Injury can sound formal or detached from the pain (Their injuries were severe), while wound sounds formal in a poetic sense when referring to emotional pain (Your recent betrayal opened up an old wound).

Try writing a paragraph about overcoming a past wound with the help of Grammar Coach.

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