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movement is a synonym of motion

noun [ moov-muhnt ]

movement is another word for motion

✅  Both motion and movement refer to the action or process of moving (swaying motion; a sudden movement).

✅  Movement is a little more general and is always connected with the person or thing that is moving (the movement of the planets).

✅  Motion denotes change of position, either apart from, or as a characteristic of, something that moves (He caught the ball in a fluid motion).

✅  Movement focuses on the fact that something is moving and is usually a definite or particular motion (the movement of the trees in the wind).

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bring is a synonym of take

verb [ bring ]

bring is another word for take

✅  Bring is the best word to refer to delivering or conveying something to someone or somewhere (Bring my glasses here).

✅  Take is the best word to use to refer to delivering or conveying something away from someone or somewhere (Take the parcel to the post office; Take a jacket, it’s cold!).

✅  While bring and take can be opposites, they can also be synonyms—confusing!

✅  The main difference between these two words relies on perspective. Going to somewhere is also going away from somewhere else. Whether you use bring or take depends on the direction of focus (bring her the book (from me); take the book to her (away from me)).

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enjoyment is a synonym of pleasure

noun [ en-joi-muhnt ]

enjoyment is another word for pleasure

✅  Pleasure refers to the feeling of being pleased or happy with what you’re experiencing, even if it is frivolous (The sweeping view gave me great pleasure; the guilty pleasure of reality tv).

✅  Enjoyment is the best word for the feeling of contentment or satisfied joy (the enjoyment I get from being with my grandchildren).

✅  Pleasure is the more general word of the two and is more related to the senses (The cool breeze was such a pleasure).

✅  Enjoyment refers more specifically to a sense of well-being and is more distanced from a sensory experience (The park was made for public enjoyment).

We hope you’ll find pleasure in these synonyms for enjoyment!

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