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noun as in guardianship; teaching

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Example Sentences

Taylor says the hands-on training he received from officiating legends like Joey Crawford and Derrick Stafford served as the foundation for a successful career, and he uses it as a model for the tutelage he offers younger officials today.

He hops on a dirtbike, thanks to the tutelage of two women from Babes Ride Out.

He used to want to go to NYU to study filmmaking, but then he realized he was learning more on set under the tutelage of creators like Reitman and the Duffers than he would in any classroom, and he’s already written and directed a short film.

No opponent has been able to handle the speed of Raheem Sterling who, having gone to finishing school under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, has become a more complete player.

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He has continued to grow in that role under the tutelage of Roman and by studying some of the league’s top fullbacks, including former New England Patriot James Devlin and current San Francisco 49er Kyle Juszczyk.

Arnaud Faye, who spent four years under the tutelage of Bertron at Relais Bernard Loiseau, has a similar outlook.

But beyond politics and policy, the rally was really about tutelage.

The idea of an aspiring blogger, photographer, or screenwriter submitting themselves to useless tutelage is absurd.

Under his tutelage, Bank of America acquired some big game, like FleetBoston Financial Corp. on April 1, 2004.

What has been appointed in regard to the property or tutelage shall be binding in law.

No mention is made of his tutelage to the dwarf smith Regin and preparation for the slaying of the dragon Fafnir.

The ancient laws considered children as slaves, and women as children who ought to remain in a state of perpetual tutelage.

In another place, reduced to despair by a pedantic tutelage, it will be driven into the savage license of the state of nature.

Howard was a boy of only sixteen at the time, and for five years he studied clocks under this excellent tutelage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for tutelage?

The word tutelage can refer to teaching (in a formal educational setting), instruction (in a context other than school), or guidance (more generally). If you say that you’re under someone’s tutelage, you could mean that that person is your teacher, your tutor, your mentor, or the person showing you how things are done in some setting, like a new job.

Tutelage typically implies some form of teaching or instruction, regardless of whether it’s in an academic setting.

Is tutelage a common word?

Tutelage isn’t all that commonly used in general, but it’s not uncommon to hear it in some settings. It can sound a bit old-fashioned, especially when compared to synonyms like tutoring or instruction.

What’s the difference between tutelage and tutoring?

Tutoring most commonly refers to one-on-one teaching that’s academic but outside of the classroom, such as with a private after-school tutor. Tutelage can be used to mean the same thing. For example, if you have a physics tutor, you could think of yourself as being under their tutelage. But tutelage is much more broad and can be used in other ways that tutoring usually isn’t, such as to refer to in-classroom teaching or non-academic instruction.

Tutoring often (though not always) involves additional instruction on a subject that one needs help with. The word tutelage, on the other hand, often implies that the teaching being done is the primary form of instruction.

How do you use tutelage in a sentence?

Tutelage can be used in many different contexts, including academic and nonacademic ones. It’s commonly used in the phrase under (someone’s) tutelage.

Here are some examples of tutelage in a sentence:

  • Under his mother’s tutelage, John became a master mechanic.
  • Thanks to your tutelage, I am now a qualified barista.
  • Thousands of students who have passed through these halls over the years have had the privilege of being under the tutelage of Mr. Carter.

On this page you'll find 33 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to tutelage, such as: guidance, apprenticeship, care, coaching, custody, and drilling.

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