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Founder Emna Ghariani says the company’s “proprietary prioritization engine” helps to sort tasks and tickets by importance, and to analyze the time they’re spending in each tool throughout the week.

This tactic goes well beyond traditional keyword research and generates content ideas directly from your targeted audience, not a keyword tool.

Cash App already offers tools to buy stocks and cryptocurrency.

‘Square is a beast’JeffSeptember 16, 2020Fortune

Search Trends, the Client Health Tracker, or the Reporting board are just a part of our specialized tools and resources.

Plugged into this huge index, WeChat search has become a powerful tool to find information.

Vertebrate immunologists, once they realized there is such a phenomenon, have all the tools to study the mechanisms in far more detail than we could ever do it.

Every 30 minutes, Pro’s tools scan the database and surface any ingested content that fits the criteria.

Pinterest offers shoppable visual content with LENS, a visual search tool, to locate similar products, compare features and prices and buy directly from advertiser catalogs within the app.

That’s why theSkimm’s goal for Skimm’2020, which launched on August 18, is less about getting people to register, but more about giving them the tools they need to seamlessly cast a vote in November.

We have some idea the new tactics and new tools that are coming, but what we don’t know is what countries or organizations are hiding up their sleeve, perhaps for an October surprise.

He’s Fighting QAnon With SunlightNick FouriezosSeptember 6, 2020Ozy


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.