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noun as in agent, tool

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Example Sentences

You’ll never ever use these implements for anything else, but they take up so little room that it’s worth it to buy a few if you’re a grapefruit lover.

Middle Stone Age tools were smaller and more carefully crafted implements.

Although it’s still unclear where in Africa — as well as when and by whom — Middle Stone Age tools were invented, early humans would have found such implements invaluable for adapting to environmental disruptions, Stringer says.

I’d lost the implement I’d needed to claw myself out of my cage, and I hadn’t had what he’d needed from me when he’d needed it.

Existence felt like a cage, and gaming was an implement that clawed us out.

St. Laurent, however, pointed out why this step might be especially difficult to implement.

For its part, the Pentagon said that it is no surprise that it is taking some time to implement the mission.

Adding a checkbox to a driver's license and another form would make this easy to implement.

Republicans have a rare opportunity to implement policies that are truly compassionate and transcend toxic identity politics.

The White House just launched a major initiative to implement a more modern, sensible drug policy.

He stood up, crowbar in hand, and inserted the chisel blade of the implement between the edge of the door and the doorcase.

I looked among the dead, to see if I could find any iron implement with which to excavate the wall, or to break the chains.

Soon the captain drove his implement through the hay, and against something that gave back a resistance like that of soft pine.

As the implement fell upon the stones of the courtyard, Thyra's quick ear noticed the peculiar sound.

In his hand the measuring-rod was a far mightier implement than the pen.


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What are other ways to say implement?

An implement is any tool or contrivance designed or used for a particular purpose: agricultural implements. An instrument is anything used in doing a certain type of work or producing a certain result, especially such as requires delicacy, accuracy, or precision: surgical or musical instruments. A tool is a contrivance held in and worked by the hand, for assisting the work of (especially) mechanics or skilled laborers: a carpenter’s tools. A utensil is especially an article for domestic use: kitchen utensils.

On this page you'll find 83 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to implement, such as: appliance, gadget, instrument, utensil, apparatus, and contraption.

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