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verb as in breathe in

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So you have to position your business so that you have measurable audience reach that can survive the sniff test of very sophisticated marketers.

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She charges into the trees, giving the base of each trunk a cursory sniff.

As the backbone of the open web, publishers may consider tactics that claim to offer the allure of scale but don’t pass the sniff test when it comes to privacy.

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One of the final sniff tests happens when the car is fully assembled.

It’s extremely important to keep dogs and other pets away from porcupines, as these rodents won’t hesitate to defend themselves, and can take even a curious sniff as a threat if they feel vulnerable.

Look at Billy Carter, my sweater-vested companions sniff derisively; look at Clinton.

But even paranoid melodramatic self-aggrandizers sniff out nefarious and tentacular plots from time to time.

If Letizia did know how to sniff out a media rat in her camp, it was undoubtedly due to her professional training as a journalist.

Duane and Dicky lope backstage afterwards to “do some sniff,” as Dicky terms it.

Late in the afternoon, the day being warm, I raised the window again and leaned out to get a sniff of air.

He was coming out, like myself, to sniff the air; and I was not surprised, for its sweetness after the rain was intoxicating.

Watch sat down gravely near it, and gave an approving sniff at intervals.

The warm wind bore to them the sniff of the sand-dunes, spiced groves, and genii's islands far to southward.

"She wouldn't be of much use for fighting men," remarked Walter, with a slight sniff of contempt.

Joyce looked up with a flashing glance, and turned to Ellen, who received the notice with a sniff and a restrained smile.


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