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noun as in swallow

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Drones also snapped photos of 105 whales to help the researchers estimate gulp size.

They used drones and sonar to measure the whale’s mouths, and the size of krill swarms, which gave an estimate of how much a whale could scoop up in a gulp.

Some scientists thought that krill — the tiny crustaceans that many whales eat in gargantuan gulps — would explode in number as a result, mostly free from the feeding pressure of the largest animals that have ever lived.

Aerial drones snapped photos of 105 whales, which the researchers used to estimate gulp size.

Baikal seals may be using these teeth to efficiently sieve their plankton prize from the lake, expelling excess water with every gulp, the researchers say.

Even so distant, I can taste the grief, / Bitter and sharp with stalks, he made you gulp…Where bridal London bows the other way.

But even allowing for the fact that the state elected Mama Big Gulp as its governor, the Alaska number has to be a solid majority.

The sugar in a $1.39 Big Gulp soda at 7-Eleven accounts for only a few cents of its cost.

While delivering her speech at CPAC, Sarah Palin drank from a big gulp.

There was even a speech from Sarah Palin who made a joke about her "rack" and sipped a big gulp on stage.

He devoured it whole with a kind of visual gulp—a flash; the entire meaning first, then lines, then separate words.

"Five minutes to twelve, baby," said the old man, and his voice had a gulp in it that broke June down.

He made the speech with a gulp, as though it were distasteful to him.

He got the question out with a separate gulp for each separate word.

"They are all round us in the scrub; you never know where they are," Eustace said with a gulp.


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