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adjective as in breaking

adjective as in grinding

adjective as in jarring

adjective as in super

adjective as in wrecking

noun as in clatter

noun as in crash

noun as in vandalism

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Example Sentences

This doesn’t, of course, excuse any form of violence that took place over the weekend, but it does cast the smashing of onsite ATMs and plundering of merch in a different light.

From Time

If button-smashing is more your beat, check out beyerdynamic’s gaming headphones.

Two mysterious galaxies, devoid of dark matter, could have a smashing origin story.

Goyer describes it as more of a remix than a direct adaptation, and to my taste, it is a smashing success in storytelling.

The spreading, smashing and plunging of tectonic plates shapes far more than just geography.

Will he go for the schoolteacher and abandon the family, leaving behind his smashing dinner suits?

Check: “This atom smashing business is going to herald the final victory of the machine.”

When I was growing up they called Green Day and Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins “alternative pop.”

Those who claim to speak for a vengeful Allah take great delight in smashing idols wherever and whenever they can get to them.

This weekend should have been a smashing success for Johnny Depp.

If she had had "some smashing love affair," as the more romantic Flora suggested, so much the better.

Once even a blue bean (a bullet) made sad work with my head, and my fist has got a deuce of a smashing.

I gathered that he thought something of the boy, and was heating up to the door-smashing stage.

Now good-natured Alfaretta was nothing if not helpful, and quite human enough to enjoy smashing something.

Jim took a few pulls at the strong, black tobacco, and began to reconsider his notion about smashing up the service.


On this page you'll find 748 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to smashing, such as: collapsing, cracking, crumbling, fracturing, shattering, and splintering.

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