Definition for scream

noun as in outcry

Strongest matches

cry, howl, screech, shriek, wail, yelp

Strong matches

holler, yell

noun as in person or thing that is very funny

verb as in cry out

Strongest matches

blare, holler, howl, roar, screech, shout, shriek, squeal, wail, yell

Weak match

sing out

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Example Sentences

Whenever she scored a point, she’d emit a victory scream, probably feeling a rush of pleasure.

Then Fanone began to scream the high-pitched, undignified screams of a man being tased in the back of the neck.

From Time

Some are capable of detecting human screams, some can remain airborne for at 24 hours, while some can roll across the ground and take flight.

Rescue workers have reason to be interested in the drone that hunts for screams.

So I think we have to be ready to tolerate and remain firm in the face of these screams of outrage about high marginal tax rates and just insist that, listen, we are the citizens in this country.

People scream, the orchestra stops playing, and the stage manager whisks the diva into the wings.

Available at Amazon Vince Camuto Moto Baseball Cap, $34 Baseball caps may be useful on the road, but they scream “tourist!”

De la Renta was a confident thoroughbred, never needing to scream for attention.

Sadly, no one helps him, opting instead to scream and run—but can you blame them?

A whimpering, half-growl and curdled scream, a cornered-animal cry of a sound.

Miss Christabel blushed furiously and emitted a sound half between a laugh and a scream.

"Now, you say you heard your sister scream," said the lawyer after the usual formalities had passed.

Now Mrs. Glavis, do you recall having ever heard your sister scream before in a like manner?

And suddenly Hicks jerked up his knees and heaved himself bodily aside with a scream of fear.

Here on the bridge he paused and turned in a frenzy to scream to his followers that they should fetch more torches.


On this page you'll find 105 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to scream, such as: cry, howl, screech, shriek, wail, and yelp.

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