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adjective as in turned around

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Amid a reckoning of racism has come a financial one, aimed at reversing decades of underinvestment in communities of color.

Effects of Earth’s magnetic field — Science News, November 21, 1970Earth’s magnetic field has frequently reversed at intervals of 1 million to 100 million years.

No one would even blink at that age difference if the genders were reversed.

It reverses completely the way the designers perform the function thanks to the artificial intelligence.

One could actually consider it a reverse subscription, since people receive rewards for their patronage.

From Fortune

Although there have been versions recorded where the roles are reversed.

Facing a political backlash, they reversed course in 2011 and announced that the military commission process would be restarted.

The series also reversed a long trend that saw the character paralyzed by the Joker and confined to a wheelchair for a decade.

Fortunes reversed and what was far-fetched yesterday was suddenly closer to fact.

In 2013, however, Paul released another budget proposal that reversed course.

Now if we double the last 16, it gives us the date of the second Folio in 32 and 32 reversed gives us the date of the first Folio.

Pete, after spewing the last hateful molecule away, reversed his tiny fibre engines, and began to draw in.

After the ice passed away the movements were reversed, the northern region rising and the southern sinking down.

Blood must always tell in England—although in America—if Mrs. Hofer is a type—well, this is the land of reversed theories.

Death was what the Marquise expected, since she knew that death would she herself have pronounced had the positions been reversed.


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