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Now-a-days it is the bankrupt who flouts, and his too confiding creditors who are jeered and laughed at.GLANCES AT EUROPEHORACE GREELEY
He felt himself the meanest, vilest thing a-crawl upon this sinful earth, and she—dear God!ST. MARTIN'S SUMMERRAFAEL SABATINI
All that scientific bric-a-brac in the cupboard had far better be thrown away.THE SALVAGING OF CIVILISATIONH. G. (HERBERT GEORGE) WELLS
Urinary sediments may be studied under three heads: A. Unorganized sediments.A MANUAL OF CLINICAL DIAGNOSISJAMES CAMPBELL TODD
I knowed, a-course, that I could go kick up a fuss when Simpson stopped by his office on his trip back from Goldstone.ALEC LLOYD, COWPUNCHERELEANOR GATES
Aber Jeder will grossartig spielen heutzutage (But everybody wants to play on a grand scale now-a-days).MUSIC-STUDY IN GERMANYAMY FAY
But Lessard's a overbearin' son-of-a-gun all round, and he's always breakin' out in a new place.RAW GOLDBERTRAND W. SINCLAIR
Still a-shiver at dawn, I saddled up and loped for the crest of the nearest divide to get the benefit of the first sun-rays.RAW GOLDBERTRAND W. SINCLAIR
Malcolm asked her gently to go back to the helm and keep it jammed hard-a-starboard until they arrived at the left bank.THE RED YEARLOUIS TRACY
He was a new breed, that parson, a genuwine no-two-alike, come-one-in-a-box kind.ALEC LLOYD, COWPUNCHERELEANOR GATES


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