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He created a hostile work environment, but he did not fire you.

From Ozy

Ever since, advocates have argued that NDAs are a silencing mechanism that help perpetuate hostile work environments by keeping complaints hidden from the public.

In America’s uncivil war, both sides may hate the other, but one side — conservatives and Republicans — is more hostile and aggressive, increasingly willing to engage in anti-democratic and even violent attacks on their perceived enemies.

Each sister made her way through a hostile medical terrain with crucial support from family members and both male and female supporters.

He’s also one of the few scientists who can speak credibly to people of faith, who in some circles have come to regard science as hostile to their beliefs.

From Time

By contrast, a gun will allow a pilot to attack hostile forces that are less than 300 feet from friendly ground forces.

They were alone and unarmed in hostile territory without even having the reassurance of radio communications.

Both had been accused of acts hostile to the North Korean state.

De Merode is hundreds of miles from his wife and daughters, encircled by hostile forces, a target on the back of his uniform.

For years, young voters in America have been unenthusiastic about, if not outright hostile toward, the GOP.

He obeyed without remark, though with an unsteady voice, as he uttered communications he knew were so hostile to her expectation.

We met like hostile bulls, and wonder not that we should plunge at once upon each other's horns!

He was a good judge of men, that eagle-faced major; he knew that the slightest move with hostile intent would mean a smoking gun.

Then affairs almost reached the point where the province was in hostile array, one side against another.

She knew that Alessandro had no knife, and had gone forward with no hostile intent; but she knew nothing beyond that.


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