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adjective as in esteemed

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Example Sentences

In that respect, Heule’s top asset might not be his skill with a SAT solver.

Google has extended the functionality of its related activity cards with respect to shopping, job and recipe-related searches, the company announced Tuesday.

While gene therapy may not literally take genes from one individual and insert them in another, in many respects it is entirely equivalent to doing just that.

At a certain point, I think we need to ask ourselves when we begin giving the party the respect of actually dealing with it as it is.

When I realized I was in such a small minority, that’s when I really did respect that it was very difficult to make it to that high of a rank.

As the director of Freedom Now, I hold Intigam Aliyev in high esteem and have long respected his work as a human-rights lawyer.

These photographers are respected, indeed, but that is not in and of itself enough to provide insight about the city.

Certain trades, such as medicine or law, are eternally well-respected.

Obviously, there are well-respected artists whose work is largely unsalable.

That is something all its previous owners and publishers understood and respected.

Lawrence Hyde, earl of Rochester, died; deservedly respected as an able statesman.

He was an active and valiant prince, who made himself respected by the powers of Europe.

He respected her courage and obvious power to rise above the personal attitude of her sex.

Deeply as they disapproved of his politics, they respected his independence and were inordinately proud of him.

He who keeps up such entertainment longest and kills most of the said animals is most respected.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for respected?

Terms that have much the same meaning as respected are well-respected and well-regarded (though both can be used to be even more positive). All of these words are used to describe a person who has a positive reputation.

A respected member of a group like a team or business is often one who’s valued and appreciated.

Esteemed can mean much the same thing as respected, but it’s even more positive. See the next section for other words that are also more positive than respected.

What is a stronger word than respected?

Calling someone respected is quite positive. However, there are some words that imply that people not only respect the person, but highly admire them. Words that capture this sense are admired and esteemed. Words that take this to an even higher level are celebrated, beloved, and revered.

The word respected is sometimes contrasted with feared, as in There were many respected officers, and a few who were feared.

What is the opposite (antonym) of respected?

Some people are respected, and others… aren’t. Perhaps the most common (and polite) way of saying this is to simply say that someone is not well-respected or not well-regarded.

Someone who is not respected is often someone who is disliked. Much stronger words include despised, detested, and hated.

The word disrespected can be thought of as an opposite of respected, but the words are often used in different situations. Whereas respected is often a general description of how people feel about (or treat) a person, disrespected is typically used in specific instances, as in I felt really disrespected when you corrected me in front of everyone.

On this page you'll find 25 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to respected, such as: admired, appreciated, beloved, honored, important, and valued.

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