Thesaurus / raw


Rather, they house enough of the raw ingredients to create water when heated.
Some of the elements on a printed circuit board, essentially the brain of a computer, are raw materials whose supply is at risk.
It was less a joke than a vote of confidence that in an age of extreme building — the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge and more — anything was possible if you just had enough raw material and the chutzpah to defy known limitations.
It’s the same reaction that powers all stars, and trying to corral that kind of raw power and turn it into something we can use effectively is a challenge scientists have been struggling with for decades.
This why testimonial link building is seen as a great way to harness this raw strength of positive experiences by customers.
This means that with enough raw, unlabeled data the algorithms teach themselves by identifying patterns in that data.
Project WASH provides raw material to the women in slums & villages to teach them how to make sanitary pads using cloth at home.
The researchers tested their barbed device by sticking it into raw chicken, then pulling it out.
So one of the reasons why sanctions don’t work is because, rather than in terms of just raw cost-benefit calculation, you produce nationalism, which shifts things in favor of the hawks, even though they’re losing wealth.
The Impossible Burger looks like hamburger meat — when it’s raw and when it’s cooked.


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