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adjective as in not cooked

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Example Sentences

It can accommodate up to a cup and a half of uncooked rice which fluffs up to about three cups max.

Rice cookers often give their output in cooked or uncooked cups of rice.

This time, place your uncooked loaf on a surface dusted with flour or on the sheet that you will bake it on.

Chef and co-owner Emuti Taddese isn’t afraid to serve her minced beef raw, even in this handheld form, which I’ve always assumed is a way to introduce kitfo to those wary of uncooked meat.

This new technique would allow uncooked pasta to take up less space.

She even goes by “The Raw Artist”, which is as much a nod to her preference for uncooked food as her art career.

This is a disease which is conveyed by means of water and food, especially milk, oysters, and uncooked vegetables.

People were not as dreadfully hungry on that account as you might think, because, you see, they ate their food uncooked.

The question naturally would arise about the color of this stew, throwing in raw flour, the white, uncooked flour.

It requires a great deal of sugar, whether you put it into the pie uncooked, or you first cook it.

The basis of all good soups is the stock or liquid in which bones, cooked or uncooked meat or vegetables have been boiled.


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