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Starz’s Little Birds is not a faithful adaptation of Anaïs Nin’s erotic story collection, which wouldn’t fly even on premium cable.

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Sarah Lasley’s “How I Choose to Spend the Rest of My Birthing Years” borrows an erotic scene from a single, not-so-old movie, 1987’s “Dirty Dancing.”

From the duo’s start, the gravel-voiced Elucid and differently gravel-voiced Woods have shared a snaking lyricism that is capable of encompassing and communicating transnational mysticism, interior romanticism and erotic misadventure.

The finely crafted seats are exquisite—and slightly erotic, with deep-massage functions that caressed and stimulated me in sinful ways.

Femme-cee Diva Darling hosts a sexy night of virtual storytelling as open-mic participants share true stories of consensual erotic adventures gone wrong.

“Gronkowski” itself never manages to sound more erotic than the name of a hearty Polish stew or a D-list WWE performer.

ME3M was like online sex without the sex: seedy, dehumanized, segmented, and awkward—yet often still erotic.

Who was the most erotic poet of the late Renaissance and early Baroque, when the quatrain reached its courtly zenith?

It was about his art-making, but the communal life was based on erotic liberation.

Meanwhile, Carmela has an erotic religion-tinged flirtation with Father Phil back at the house.

Lily Pendleton was known to have once essayed an erotic novel, and had read a few chapters to some of her closer friends.

He handed Andrea the rare volume, which was illustrated with erotic vignettes.

Even jealousy, which is often regarded as characteristic of the erotic sentiments, does not necessarily possess a sexual basis.

Ribbing87 contends that we must regard it as abnormal when a boy of thirteen or fourteen is obsessed (hanté) by erotic ideas.

In the English erotic literature, it is remarkable how often and how fully the flagellation of children is described.


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