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adjective as in cheap, vulgar, especially regarding reading material

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noun as in flesh of plant, animal

verb as in mash, pulverize

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Example Sentences

It has bits of cellulose from wood pulp, plus bits of palladium, a metal.

The fruits of this eastern tree have 127 calories and a full day’s vitamin C per cup of pulp.

Not only will the walnut hull pulp dye your skin an odd color, but some people develop painful skin irritation from contact.

Strain to remove pear pulp, then pour over ice and garnish with the cinnamon stick.

My stepfather was a millwright at the local paper pulp mill.

From Ozy

Then, he singled out Pulp Fiction and Trainspotting as “glorifying” drug use.

The scene between getaway cab driver Esmeralda Villalobos (Angela Jones) and Butch is one of the oddest in Pulp Fiction.

After watching that scene, you could hardly call the use of heroin in Pulp Fiction romanticized or glamorous.

And that time, his face was pummeled to a pulp by the Governor.

His voice would morph from a melodic baritone to a deep, guttural snarl, grinding notes to a pulp.

Every drop of his brave spirit had been squeezed out of him, and he stood the mere pulp and rind of his former self.

He was soon very quick in separating the fibres from the pulp and spreading them out to dry before packing.

This pulp is treated with water in an ordinary paper machine, and worked just like paper pulp.

The application is made in a paper machine, the pulp being allowed to flow over the cardboard.

There has been a great wave of public indignation against some paper-backed or "pulp" printed matter.


On this page you'll find 50 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to pulp, such as: rubbish, trash, lurid, mushy, sensational, and trashy.

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