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noun as in jam

noun as in cream

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The dinner also came with a kind of red jelly and some beans mixed with mayonnaise.

These little jelly beans then develop their eyes, back limbs, and a decent chunk of their immune system after they’re already out in the world.

I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast and free staff meals for lunch.

The bloody-belly comb jelly’s bright red color may make it easy for remotely operated vehicles with lights and cameras to spot it, but its color actually helps it hide from predators.

Peanut butter and jelly doesn’t take me back to third-grade bagged lunches or after-school snacks.

From Eater

Roll the pork over the stuffing, like a jelly roll, until the seam is facing down and the fat back is on top.

The second upped the ante, taking aim at “cray,” “jelly,” “literally,” “teehee,” and “totes.”

On it are balanced a plate of eggs and toast, an open quart jar of grape jelly, and a beer mug full to the brim with orange juice.

Puddings were treats for birthdays and special occasions: chocolate cake, or jelly and ice-cream.

Available for both iOS and Android, Jelly is definitely worth playing around with this weekend.

When the machinery had been stopped, it was found that Mr. Jones's arms and legs were macerated to a jelly.

Treated with hydrochloric acid, diluted with ten times its weight of water, it swells up into a jelly-like mass.

I wanted you to make calls with me and to help me with the currant jelly and to put those button-holes into my linen wrapper.

I learned how to make jelly from her old colored mammie, and heaps of things beside.

I took that jelly to a crotchety old patient of mine who is boarding, and reviles all the jelly his nurse buys for him.


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