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Inside the capsule is a diaphragm, a thin membrane that vibrates when it comes in contact with sound waves, initiating the conversion process.

Inside headphones are magnets and moveable diaphragms that are easy to misalign.

Causes can range from something as small as swallowing too much air while chewing gum to something as serious as a tumor — and longer cases can be connected to damage or irritation to the nerves near the diaphragm.

Visual timeline shows Bolsonaro flouted health recommendations before contracting coronavirus — and afterHiccups are involuntary contractions of your diaphragm — a dome-shaped muscle between your chest and abdomen.

Bowie suffered a ruptured thoracic diaphragm from a medical implant in 2016, and he has required a constant stream of oxygen to stay alive since.

The blade pierced his liver and diaphragm, missing his heart and aorta by a fraction of an inch.

After Mrs. Butterfield retreats upstairs, she goes to have sex with her husband, only to realize that Jade has her diaphragm.

Could prescription birth control—whether the pill, an IUD, or a diaphragm—soon be free of cost for most American women?

Lane put his hand into the abdominal incision and squeezed the heart through the diaphragm.

The diaphragm is peculiar in that it is somewhat circular in shape and is more or less tendinous or sinew-like in the middle.

Were the diaphragm to contract moderately the ribs would be but little drawn in, even if no muscles acted as antagonists.

The diaphragm being concave below toward the abdomen, the contents of this cavity fit closely to its under surface.

The chest is enlarged by the muscles of inspiration, the principal of which is the diaphragm or midriff.


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