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noun as in group of military people

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A platoon of National Guard members stood beside him and snapped pictures as the sun set behind the Washington Monument.

When the platoon leader was wounded by a buried bomb, Lorance was sent to lead the men, though he had no combat experience.

If they don’t and instead form a right-left platoon at first, both Kieboom and García could be in the majors next spring.

For the first application of my doctoral project on self-organizing systems, I thought, “Let’s try to have platoons of cars flock like birds.”

There’s this feedback that promotes the formation of platoons, because it’s easier to coordinate 10 10-car platoons than 100 cars, each with its own trajectory.

But that was Oliver expunging all this anger he had from not being able to get Platoon made yet, which was his baby.

It was the part that Willem Dafoe wound up playing in Platoon.

Once every ten days, a platoon rotates back to Balad Air Base to take showers and wash clothes.

One day, “myself and Holmes found ourselves kind of secluded from the majority of the platoon,” Morlock tells Krauss.

As the platoon was leaving the compound, they came across a local: Mullah Adahdad.

A frenzied bustle ensued as Wilkins directed a platoon of awed techs through the process of bringing the mountain to Mohammed.

The bugler was ordered to blow the Assembly, and the whole platoon gathered in front of the mansion, which faced the east.

In another moment the men of the leading platoon had also fallen into the route step.

"Ranking sergeants of each platoon report here," called Captain Foster quietly, as he halted.

The remaining troops stayed behind as best they could, a few thousand here, a platoon there.


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