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noun as in corps

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They were also known to carry the longer sarissai instead of the sturdier xysta preferred by the heavy cavalry regiments.

Of course, in spite of such impositions, many Cossack regiments did prove their value as regular cavalry divisions and reconnaissance units.

Some people might fare just fine and will be able to jump back into their old training regiment, while others will find that their athletic performance just isn’t what it used to be.

You miss your regiment, you get fined, you know, hey, 3 o’clock bus.

As they take their patients’ biopsies, they are sending little cancer snippets to the CSHL to be grown into organoids, which will be subjected to chemo cocktails of various combinations to design more personalized regiments for them.

The regiment the child actors faced at Educational Pictures was extreme and included a “punishment box.”

No, instead of the global nomads, Sinatra filled his 707 with his regiment of musicians and his best local buddies.

He was in command of the regiment as he saw our comrades driven in.

A regiment of United States lancers were drawn up in a hollow square round the Lethal Chamber.

Obama never served, probably never even knew how big a regiment or brigade was until just a few years ago.

Nearly half the regiment ran to secure their picketed horses, armed themselves in hot haste, and galloped to the gaol.

No trail was so obtuse, no thicket so dense that members of that regiment would not track them to their lair.

The total fresh troops amounted to about 500 men of the 73rd Native Regiment and Spanish cazadores.

He commanded a regiment in the war of 1812, and was maimed for life in the battle of Chrystler's fields.

Two days before the Americans arrived a native regiment was suspected of disaffection.


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