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adjective as in leaving

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Example Sentences

Once again, it will take a Democratic president and Congress to fix the economic mess created by the outgoing Republican administration.

Now, with programmatic ad rates rebounding, outgoing CEO Jim Egan is optimistic about the prospect of ad-funded news.

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It is made up of three layers to filter incoming and outgoing particles.

From Fortune

It's a much faster car to build than the outgoing model, with a stiffer chassis and sharper panel creases.

He said that letter carriers returning with outgoing mail at the end of their routes usually handed them straight to mail sorters on overtime, he said.

Families stuff a life-size male doll with memories of the outgoing year and dress him in their clothing.

Sabrine was the outgoing, sociable type, and had many friends, while Ziad was shy and a little more introverted.

Meet the outgoing Michigan Republican congressman who switched his vote and kept the government funded Thursday.

But the President could easily reposition it as a friendly “pro-gun rights” gesture by outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

In the midst of these efforts, she was raising identical twin sons, Julian—“the reserved one” and Joaquin—“the outgoing one.”

On the fancied outgoing, the observer would pass the interval between the sun and the earth in about eight minutes.

As it was, for some reason they could not ascertain, the outgoing train was over an hour late in starting.

There is certainly a marked distinction between the oaths of the outgoing and incoming creeds.

And something within me, something passionate surrendered myself to it, and was borne away upon it as by an outgoing tide.

She herself had been most carefully trained concerning manners of incoming and outgoing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for outgoing?


Outgoing is commonly used to describe a person who actively participates in socializing and seeks out opportunities to socialize. A close synonym is extroverted. Outgoing people are often described as social, sociable, or gregarious. Such people are often friendly and talkative.


Outgoing is also used to describe things that are… going out—in other words, leaving or departing. For example, when a new president is elected, you might refer to the one leaving office as the outgoing president. (After departure from office is complete, the terms former and ex- are commonly used.)

This sense of outgoing is commonly used in the context of things like trains and mail. In these contexts, a close synonym is outbound. A similar term is outward-bound.


In the U.K., the word outgoings is used as another word for expenses or expenditures—money paid out or spent. This is more formally known as disbursement or outlay. Essentially, bills.

How is outgoing different from sociable?

Outgoing and sociable are pretty close synonyms. They can both be applied to people (or personalities), and they both suggest that someone thrives in social situations, which they often initiate. However, sociable can be used more broadly to describe situations that involve socializing, as in I had a sociable day—I went to two separate office parties and then happy hour.

What is the opposite (antonym) of outgoing?

The opposite of outgoing in the sense of sociable and extroverted is introverted. Such people are sometimes described as reserved, shy, or bashful.

Just because someone isn’t outgoing doesn’t necessarily mean they are unfriendly, antisocial, or standoffish. Being introverted often just means a person prefers more time to themself and is more comfortable socializing in situations with fewer people.

Opposites of the sense outgoing that means leaving or departing include incoming and inbound. For example, outgoing mail is mail to be sent out; incoming mail is mail that has been delivered.

On this page you'll find 48 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to outgoing, such as: open, warm, approachable, civil, communicative, and cordial.

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