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Beijing has many tools at its disposal to stimulate demand and boost production, but even China has struggled to get many consumers to feel confident enough about the future to spend.

Think heart rate, digestion, breathing, waste disposal, arousal and—of note—inflammation.

Yet despite the breathtaking computing power at its disposal, Libratus is still severely limited.

Feel free to use any advanced analytics tools at your disposal.

In 2009, a grand jury ruled that the city should repeal the People’s Ordinance on equity grounds “because it provides no-fee trash collection and disposal to some citizens and requires other citizens to pay for the service.”

It’s Time to Revisit This Garbage City PolicyJoe Bettles, Marianna Garcia, Elise Hanson, Jack Christensen and Aurora LivingstonJune 25, 2020Voice of San Diego

“Credit to Cole for realizing that you should think about placing the Möbius strip in four-dimensional space and having four-dimensional techniques at your disposal,” said Greene.

Recognising that cholera was linked to overcrowding, unhygienic housing, and poor sewerage disposal, American sanitarians pressured boards of health to provide cities with safe water systems.

About half of them get it because of just improper disposal.

It placed a little capital at his disposal, and capital is the one thing needed to make a fair start in anything in this country.

Rogues and VagabondsGeorge R. Sims

We have lastly to note the fittest places for their disposal.


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.