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The silences are starting to feel less companionable and more awkward, and I’m worried this is going to start straining our relationship.

Hudson’s companionable presence, and some of his delightful prose, enrich this book.

Can be seen as either slightly sinister or companionable, as in “Me and my shadow.”

I'll take a dip myself, just to be companionable, and tomorrow morning we can get back to any size you like.

I have forgotten a companionable cat who each morning takes her seat on the long leather settee beside me and shares my crescents.

During the first days and nights of his mother's illness, they had talked, or sat in companionable silence, by the hour.

The whole had a combination of companionable good humor, and instant aggression when necessary.

During my absence it had pushed up higher and had spread its branches wider, but it was still the same companionable tree.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for companionable?

Describing someone as companionable means that they are pleasant to be with or be around. It often means that they are (or at least have the makings of) a good companion or friend.

Words that suggest a similar sense of friendliness and comfort include congenial and affable. The word simpatico can mean the same thing.

A person who is described as companionable is often compatible with their companion or friend.

The word companionable isn’t only applied to people. The phrase companionable silence, for example, refers to the kind of silence that occurs between people who are comfortable enough with each other that they can be in each other’s presence without always needing to speak.

What is the opposite (antonym) of companionable?

Words that suggest the opposite of companionable include unfriendly and antagonistic. These suggest that a person is the opposite of what makes a good companion—that they are cold or perhaps even hostile.

The opposite of a companionable silence is an awkward silence, which suggests a lack of closeness or ease.

How do you use companionable in a sentence?

Companionable isn’t used all that often, perhaps because it sounds a bit too formal to describe a person you’re familiar or comfortable with.

Here are some examples of companionable in a sentence:

  • I did all I could to be friendly and companionable, but no one seemed to have any interest in talking with me.
  • We spent the plane ride in companionable silence, occasionally pointing out passages in the books we were reading. 
  • I had a most companionable conversation with the new principal—I think we’ll get on quite well.

On this page you'll find 43 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to companionable, such as: affable, amicable, buddy-buddy, clubby, complacent, and congenial.

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