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The Supreme Court’s first oral arguments in its new term will be held by remote teleconference because of the continued threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the justices announced Wednesday.

Sabin’s so-called attenuated strains became the famous oral polio vaccine given on a sugar cube to billions of children.

There’s little doubt that in this process, the virus also spreads to the body’s oral cavity.

From Fortune

In a typical LAMP assay, a patient’s nasal or oral swab sample is mixed with enzymes and specially designed DNA fragments, then heated to 65° Celsius to copy the viral RNA to DNA and produce many more DNA copies.

It’s transmitted through the fecal-oral route, meaning that humans consume food that has contaminated feces on it.

From Eater

My doctor put me on oral contraceptives to induce a period, figuring it would help build bone.

The second major split between the capital and the court occurred over oral care.

“He was attempting to force me into oral sex,” Ruehli told Philadelphia Magazine.

Also, when Nelson died and Hugh Morrow did his own oral history project and talked to about 75 Rockefeller associates.

The papers report that J.W. was too afraid to resist his command for her to perform oral sex on him.

These oral inanities only served to make Lyn give me the benefit of a look of amused wonder.

But none of the orders given were more than oral, for the governor did not want them set on the records.

Oral evidence may be admitted to establish the location of monuments, and even hearsay evidence may be used for the purpose.

Oral evidence is admissible to prove the fraud or mistake; it must, however, be clear before a court will grant relief.

The improvement of land by the purchaser under an oral contract is an act which enables him to enforce the contract in equity.


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