Definition for experiment

verb as in investigate, test

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Example Sentences

IBM hopes that a platform like RoboRXN could dramatically speed up that process by predicting the recipes for compounds and automating experiments.

The hope there is for improved sensitivity in searches for dark matter or experiments that might reveal some long-sought flaws in our standard model of particle physics.

The experiment represents early progress toward the possible development of an ultra-secure communications network beamed from space.

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The new experiment represents, however, the first time scientists have applied machine learning to “validation,” a further step toward confirming results that involves additional statistical calculation.

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At first, the sites amounted to experiments on the outer edges of the crypto universe, but in 2020 they have started to attract real money.

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To put it rather uncharitably, the USPHS practiced a major dental experiment on a city full of unconsenting subjects.

If the noble experiment of American democracy is to mean anything, it is fidelity to the principle of freedom.

A classroom experiment seeks to demonstrate what it looks like.

This video, courtesy of BuzzFeed, tries a bit of an experiment to get some answers.

In the fall of 1992, Booker became a vegetarian “as an experiment,” he said, “and I was surprised by how much my body took to it.”

With Bacon, experientia does not always mean observation; and may mean either experience or experiment.

I made the experiment two years ago, and all my experience since has corroborated the conclusion then arrived at.

But this is quite enough to justify the inconsiderable expense which the experiment I urge would involve.

He commenced to experiment in electro-pneumatics in the year 1860, and early in 1861 communicated his discoveries to Mr. Barker.

Readers will doubtless be familiar with the well-known experiment illustrating this point.


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