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It’s also a question with seemingly limitless answers, as states, school districts, and teachers unions have been left to negotiate safety among themselves — with, until recently, little guidance from the federal government.

From Vox

Video games can serve an almost limitless number of functions, from a consumer entertainment product to a living library for government-censored speech and research.

In adulthood, too, Orellana Garcia’s energy seemed limitless.

No constitutional rights are limitless—and the repeal of Section 230 has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

From Fortune

It seems like the hope of near-limitless clean energy may not be as far off as we thought.

Barack Obama has shown America that crony corporatism, patronage politics, and limitless government know no party.

As such, the limitless nature of comic book fantasy is used, by and large, to keep limits in place.

So too the many variations on its theme, each fueled by our limitless urge to flirt.

The vast cache of sensitive data could be used for an almost limitless number of fraudulent purposes by hackers.

“The limitless universe might even include other planets with other beings created by that same loving God,” he wrote in the book.

Jane now pursued her studies and her limitless reading with unabated ardor.

The expanse, apparently so limitless, open to her view, invited her fancy to a range equally boundless.

But she had quickly grown to love the broad, free Indian reservation, with its limitless miles of unfenced hills.

But the Assyrians (like the Romans after them) could avail themselves of a limitless amount of dirt-cheap labour.

Its limitless deeps reveal themselves to us, and yet baffle our gaze: close themselves against research, but open to conjecture.


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